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Emergency Management

Wet snow and ice in the trees on Stevens Brook Rd in December. Photo by Shawnee Perry.
Wet snow and ice in the trees on Stevens Brook Rd in December. Photo by Shawnee Perry.











Duxbury continues to refine its emergency response system based around volunteers in its various neighborhoods. Read more about the zone system here.

Zone Maps Zone Maps should not be used to determine road classification. Each of the following links will open on a specific emergency management zone in Duxbury—Z1, Z2, Z3a, Z3b, Z4, Z5. The zone borders are marked by green lines. Enlarging images will reveal more detail such as E911 numbers, culvert locations, and other features in the landscape.

Vermont Alert

Duxbury residents and all other Vermonters have a new tool at their disposal to stay informed of pending disasters, traffic information, weather conditions, public health notifications, and countless other alerts that could affect themselves or their loved ones.

Vermont Alert (www.vtalert.gov) is a free service for users.  It allows the public to sign up and receive notifications through a number of delivery systems, including text, e-mail, telephone, or even a game console.  Alerts are localized to areas users chose and are issued state and local responders and other agencies.

Users chose their local area, what types of alerts they wish to receive, and which delivery systems they prefer. 

Examples of use:

  • The Vermont Agency of Transportation is using the system to issue traffic alerts – including weekly updates on construction projects and the associated detours and interruptions.
  • There is a large structure fire in a downtown.  The local fire department can write and distribute a press release through VT Alert.  Can contact the public directly with an evacuation notice (phone, text, or e-mail), issue a travel alert for motorists to avoid the area, and alert the public of any public health hazards from smoke.
  • A wildfire is burning.  Nearby towns can issue evacuation orders and notify residents in the affected area directly (via phone, text, or e-mail).  Press releases can be written on and distributed through Vermont Alert and the National Weather Service can issue an Air Quality warning if the fire warrants such a notification.
  • An accident on Interstate-91 is blocking the road.  The State Police can write and distribute a press release regarding the accident.  The Agency of Transportation can issue a travel advisory and outline alternate routes.  VTrans can then notify the public when the road has re-opened.
  • A tropical storm is occurring in Vermont.  
    • In the state Emergency Operations Center VT DEMHS and partners can:
      • Prepare and release Emergency Alert System messages.
      • Prepare and distribute press releases and special notifications regarding conditions
      • Post state road closures
      • Post public health alerts
      • Post locations of emergency shelters
      • Automatically populate social media with information above
      • The National Weather Service can issue storm Watches and Warnings
    • Local communities can:
      • Issue evacuation warnings
      • Post local road closures
      • Post public health alerts
  • In the aftermath of a storm the state and federal government can post notifications about disaster aid to individuals and communities. Sign up at this link for an account today.

The public is invited to monthly Duxbury Emergency Management (DEM) meetings in the town office to discuss strategies for emergency preparedness and response. For the meeting schedule, please refer to the municipal calendar on the homepage of this website. For additional information contact Erik Zetterstrom, Duxbury's emergency management director, at 802 595-3215 or by email.

Hydrograph Monitoring The Height Of The Winooski Rive

National Weather Service Northeast US Radar Loop

National Weather Service VT/NH Radar Loop

National Weather Service Online School Of Weather
Explanations of radar graphics and other weather-related information can be found here. 

Vermont Emergency Preparedness Family Planning Booklet   This workbook highlights some of the steps you can take now to prepare yourself, your family, your business, and your community. Determine what hazards may affect you and take steps to mitigate their impact. Address any special concerns or circumstances you have with local emergency managers. Ready yourself and your family by creating a disaster supply kit and disaster plan. Educate yourself by enrolling in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery courses.


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