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Duxbury Selectboard Meeting Audio Files

Although audio and video recordings of selectboard meetings are not required by state statutes, many municipal governments in Vermont have chosen to provide them. Duxbury Selectboard meeting audio files are being provided to aid understanding of how outcomes are reached in town business by the selectboard.

Each meeting file has been labeled with its date. All files can be opened on the website or downloaded to your computer. Currently, the 04/28/15 meeting is the only one posted in segments. The meeting opens with part "a" and concludes with part "d". All other meeting recordings are posted in their entirety as provided by the board.

Comments concerning the quality and presentation of these files are welcomed. Please email them to the website's manager.

Audio files from March 2015–January 07, 2016 have been archived at the Duxbury Town Office and are available by request.

Attached Document or File12/05/16.mp3 This was a meeting of the Budget Committee and the Selectboard.
Attached Document or File11/14/16.mp3 Note that the first 53 seconds of the audio is distorted for technical reasons.
Attached Document or File11/04/16.mp3 Technical error resulted in failure to record this meeting. Please consult the written minutes.
Attached Document or File10/17/16.mp3 Please note: there is a slight gap—a minute or less—at 1:47:14 due to technical difficulties
Attached Document or File04/11/16.mp3 A technical error at the time of recording rendered the opening time of the meeting inaudible. The meeting was called to order by Selectboard Chair John Murphy at 6:02 pm.
Attached Document or File02/08/16.mp3 The first minute of the meeting's reconvening after executive session was lost due to technical error at the time of recording. Please consult the written minutes for clarification.
Attached Document or File01/26/16.mp3 A portion of the beginning of this file was rendered unintelligible during its recording. Please consult the written minutes for clarification.
Attached Document or File01/20/16.mp3 A portion of the beginning and also the ending of this file were rendered unintelligible during recording. Please consult the written minutes for clarification.
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