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Board of Abatement

The board consists of the town treasurer, the town clerk, the selectboard, the listers, and the justices of the peace. A majority of the board must be present in order for the board to meet, and a majority of that number must vote in favor of a motion to abate. The listers, while they are members of the board, may also want to testify in defense of their actions, and if this occurs they may not be considered part of the board, which will require that more members be present to make a majority. If the listers participate as members of the board, a quorum of the board for the abatement of taxes may also be met if the town treasurer, a majority of the listers and a majority of the selectmen are present at the meeting. 24 V.S.A. § 1533. Note that unlike most municipal boards, the board of abatement acts with a concurrence of a majority of the quorum of the board!

 Abatement in the Vermont Statutes



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